Yazd Seram Kavir Tile Co. was established in 1381, in an area about 20 acres of land and has been registered with 42 registration number in the Taft city companies registration office. The company was set up in the summer of 1386 by local and international experts and The Funding the construction of the company, was supplied and helped by shareholders and land reserves funds. The Yazd Seram Kavir Tile Co., With the existing equipment is capable to produce a variety of floor and wall tiles in various dimensions. Its products, are produced by Domestic and foreign materials which the domestic raw materials are make up the major part of the product. Currently, The Yazd Seram Kavir Tile Co., With 220 employees and modern machineries, its main purpose is to obtain customers satisfying and better products and tries by creating a competitive advantage in its market, maintain and develop its place in domestic and international markets.

Parts of Preparing and providing the body
In this stage, kinds of industrial soils, will be Crushed, mixed and be formulated. During the first stage, The soil will crush by Hammer and jaw and Finally, the soil erosion in ballmill will be done as long as the dimension of the soil particles reached to the less than 1 / 0 mm. And after the slurry, the particles of soil Will be In the vicinity of hot air (about 350 degrees Celsius) and then it called Formula Body.

In this Part, Formula Body will be formed and then Granules, under the pressure from 300 to 400 Bar, will formed the final shape of the product in specific dimensions. The Raw tiles produced in this section is called “Biscuit”. Since the process of enamel and decorated strength of biscuit is important, So, after the Biscuits leaved the Press process, Immediately enter into drying vertical devices with 150 degrees in temperature. The dried product is the Biscuit with less than 2 percent of water. Biscuit bending strength, At the drying stage, is at least 2.5 times bigger than their strength after the press Process.

Glaze process
In the Glaze section, slurry of the different kinds of glaze and Ceramic paints will be provided and then will located in the line production of glazing in order to reach to a smooth surface and non- porosity And create diversity and beauty of products in the produced Biscuits. This practice is applicable in different methods. In, The Yazd Seram Kavir Tile Co., this operation is done by Bell Method. In the glazed side, they’d apply the water flow in order to reduce the temperature of the Biscuits and then the surface of the biscuits will expose to the Glaze spraying devices and it will covered with a layer of Angob and a Layer of Glaze. To imprint the surface of the tiles, the desire designs will created by the printing machine. The printing operation is applicable in different methods. In this Company, this operation is done by Flat and Rotocolor method. The product of this stage is Biscuit with glazed and imprinted designs.

The Produced product in the Glaze lines, for firing and cocking purposes, is directly enter to Furnace. The in use Furnaces are the Advanced type of the Roller. Cooking operation is done to achieve the main profile products, such as water absorption, bending strength, shock quality, and resistance to chemicals elements. The Production of the Glazing lines, In this section, will bake at 1120 ° C. To achieve the specified profile, the following cases are controlled by the supervisor: 1 - curved of cooking 2- Speed tile in In stages before heaters, cooking and cooling 3 - air pressure and air consumption in gas grill burner Later stage of completion of cooking, baking tiles were placed on pallets and After filling pallets by LGV, they will located in the packaging Parking.

Grading and packaging
According to continuous process of the tile manufacturing, so some defects in the products are inevitable. So after baking tiles, based on standard requirements such as Protective surface appearance, size and flatness, they will grading and packing in cartoons with 1MS. And then is sent to market. superficial Grading and Quality Grading in Tile size and the deviation from the flat surface, are done by grading Operator and automatic devices, In respect. Also, Breakdown of products from different grades, and setting them on a pallet is done by Robot. The Pallets after approval of quality control, are transferred to product storage by forklifts and then they will released into Markets.